Evgenia’s early obsession with music began in kindergarten, always trying to get the closest seat to the piano in music class. She began her studies of classical piano at the age of nine in Irkutsk, Russia, and a year later was given an opportunity to perform solo concerts in Siberia. Evgeniia holds degree in music performance from Irkutsk Music College of Frederic Chopin and Irkutsk Siberian Pedagogic Academy. She has lived in four countries and along the way earned a Linguistics degree with fluency in English, German and Spanish. Evgeniia’s journey led her to Atlanta where she’s taught piano since 2012 as well as performed as a keyboardist/guitarist/vocalist in local bands, toured with the Atlanta Balalaika Society Orchestra, and worked on film scores for American independent filmmakers. She is fascinated by music and loves sharing this passion with others, believing that music is what can unite and connect us all.

Continuing To Offer All Lessons Both Online And In-Home Following Covid-19 Safety Protocols.