Dan began playing drums at the ripe age of 11 and continues to have a passion for music and expanding his craft as a musician. He started singing, playing piano and drums in high school by learning songs by bands like Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin, while over time gaining an appreciation for other genres of music over time. In fall of 2013 Dan began attending Columbus State University in pursuit of a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music, focusing on Jazz studies. By the time he graduated he had extensive perfomance experience in Jazz, Pop, and Symphonic music and had become an impressive and knowledgeable musician, adding piano and voice to the list of instruments he enjoys performing and teaching.

One particular phrase Dan heard as a music student helped him decide he wanted to become a music teacher: “It is your duty as an artist to pass on the art or else it dies with you.” It’s Dan’s goal to give his Imagine Arts students all the tools and skills that they will need in order to become successful musicians.