In-Home Acting/Improv Lessons!

Acting coach and student

Participating in a group theater production can be a wonderful experience in so many ways, but what does a student do when they want to take their skills further and branch out into new genres and situations on their own? Our instructors’ primary goals are to help each student discover their personal acting potential and to help them learn new ways to express themselves, learn to develop their creativity and ultimately gain confidence in their acting and improv skills. Our teacher can offer lessons one-on-one or can work with a small, similarly-aged group of students, all for the same hourly rate!

Our Acting/Improv lessons may either occur weekly or within the context of our renewable 10-Lesson Package, and tuition is the same rate per 60-minute session regardless of how many participants join in!

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In-Home Private Yoga Classes!

Mom and daughter practicing yoga in home

Why stress out getting to and from a yoga class in Atlanta traffic when you can have one in your own home? Our RYT-Certified instructors make your yoga lessons all about you and what you wish to achieve, offering different levels of intensity based on your needs! Up to four individuals may take class together for the same tuition rate per 60-minute lessons. Invite your friends, your spouse, your children to take class with you in the comfort of your own home!

Our Yoga lessons are offered on either a weekly basis or an ad-hoc basis within the context of our renewable 10-Lesson Package. Namaste!

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In-Home Visual Arts Lessons

Visual Arts student and teacher

Ever wish you could express yourself by means of drawing or painting?  Working with clay?  Maybe someone in your home would like to learn how to be an illustrator?  Our Visual Arts team will help you pursue your passions in any of these media in the comfort of your own home.  Visual Arts lessons are offered one-on-one or in small groups of up to four similarly-aged students.  Family members and friends alike are welcome!  The curriculum is created based on each student’s interests and abilities, and can be modified whenever and however they see fit. You provide the creative space and our instructor will provide the materials, direction and inspiration!

Our Visual Arts lessons are 45 or 60 minutes each and are available on either a weekly basis or within the context of our renewable 10-Lesson Package. Tuition is the same rate whether you have one, two or more family members or friends exploring together. Voila!

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In-Home Music Lessons!

piano student with teacher

Anyone can be a musician, and we can prove it!  While musical aspirations vary greatly between students there’s one thing which remains true for them all: they need to enjoy the journey.  Our multi-faceted approach immerses students in real songs they want to play, in addition to teaching the fundamentals they’ll need to know. Our instructors provide the knowledge, inspiration and patience every student deserves and encourages their feedback from lesson to lesson.

Imagine Arts offers music lessons on a weekly basis to students in their homes, seven days a week.  Our standard lesson length is 45 minutes, although for students five and younger 30-minute lessons are also available. Students wishing to to learn two subjects with the same instructor (e.g., voice and piano) and more advanced students are also offered 60-minute lessons.  Older teens and adults are eligible to enroll in our renewable, 10-Lesson Package program as well.

Festival  is our unique, fun version of a recital we host for all our students at the end of the school year.  All of our Music, Visual Arts, and Acting/Improv students are encouraged to share a sample of their work with a supportive and appreciative audience!


Music Workshops

student rock band ensemble

Want to develop and express your musicianship in new ways, maybe with additional musicians? Sign up for one of our 10-Lesson workshops, offered to students interested in taking their musical experience in new directions, including group performance and home recording techniques.


Music Lessons for Adults

We offer a special option to older teen and adult music students who wish to take lessons on an ad-hoc instead of a weekly basis. These lessons are offered in packages of ten, which are renewable, and are scheduled at the beginning or end of each instructor’s teaching day. Per-lesson tuition is the same rate as our weekly program, but lessons don’t necessarily have to occur during consecutive weeks. It’s never too late to explore your musical aspirations!


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All Lessons Offered In Students' Homes Once Again! Our Entire Team is Fully Vaccinated for Covid-19.