Guitar Lessons

A portable, versatile and exciting instrument to learn! Whether you aspire to play acoustic or electric guitar (or both), the journey should be one that is both educational and fun. When you’re trying be a country player, a rock & roller or a metal ‘shredder’ (or all of these) it’s much easier with the help of a knowledgeable instructor working beside you.

Learn to play rhythm and lead guitar, riffs, blues scales, finger picking and other styles you’ll want to know in order to play the songs that inspired you to learn in the first place.

The Imagine Arts Method offers students immersion in songs they’d like to play, while also teaching them how to read notes on the staff, find notes on the fretboard, how to count music, how to read guitar tabs, and eventually how to solo. Our instructor will help you chart the journey you want to take, and will make your guitar lessons about your own interests.