Why Choose IA?

Rob Kuropatwa Director of Imagine Arts Best Piano Lessons in Atlanta

Rob Kuropatwa – Director

Imagine Arts, Inc. has had the privilege of continuing to provide private lessons in the arts throughout Greater Atlanta since 2002. Based in Sandy Springs, Georgia, our lessons are taught exclusively in our students’ homes, making the learning experience wonderfully convenient and personal for every student! Our trial lessons are completely noncommittal and are offered anytime throughout the year, including during summer. We want to achieve your total satisfaction with our program as well as with the instructors we provide to you.

So, What Makes Us The Best?

The Method:

We know how important it is for the learning process to be fun, and our teachers remember this during every lesson they teach in your home. Every one of our instructors makes use of the Imagine Arts Method, making the learning experience enjoyable and pertinent to each student’s personal aspirations and needs. Their goals are our goals!  Our Method provides a virtual buffet of activities in every lesson, including use of the unique learning materials and games we’ve developed over the years.

The Match:

Each instructor is personally selected and trained by the Director of the program, and has been chosen based on their credentials, personality and passion for teaching; we know it takes more than just a degree to make for an outstanding and effective instructor.  We also know your child’s initial experience with their teacher can make the difference between continuing to explore for years to come or losing interest immediately and take that responsibility seriously.  Every instructor must pass a background check and be able to provide positive professional references before they are even considered to join our team.

The Material:

Whether they’re in your home teaching yoga, music (piano, voice, guitar, drums, violin and more), improv acting or visual arts, our teachers immerse their students in the subject matter they want to learn and discover, helping them explore the Arts from an engaging, real-world perspective. Our music students, for instance, are introduced to learning real songs very early on and are always encouraged to let their teachers know which pieces they’re excited to learn. This is our approach for all subjects we offer lessons in.

We will make the entire learning experience an enjoyable and inspiring one for your child, for you or for your entire family with every lesson we provide!

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