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Atlanta Based Bass Lessons Taught By the Best Teachers Right In Your Home

This instrument’s prominance has seen one of the greatest transformations of all instruments during the past 50 years. What started out as a background instrument, helping provide the harmonic foundations and rhythm of jazz pieces, has become a vital member of the rhythm section, often on par with the lead guitar.

There are many exciting opportunities in learning and playing this great instrument, whether you enjoy playing on our own or hope to be part of a band someday. We teach students how to play different styles of bass, including slap and pop, picking, tapping, and other techniques.

Our Method offers students immersion in songs they’d like to play, while also teaching them how to read notes on the staff, find notes on the fret board, how to count music, how to read bass tabs, and eventually how to solo if interested. The journey should be one which is both enjoyable and educational, regardless of each student’s aspirations.

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