Behdad’s desire to play the piano began at the age of ten when his uncle bought a piano for his wife to learn on, interesting Behdad about how to play as well. He began lessons not long after with an old man who was very kind, but also very serious! Many years later Behdad studied under some of the students of esteemed Iranian pianist, Emanuel M. Alsanian, eventually to study with Mrs. Maryam Hesabi.

Behdad started teaching piano in 1993 and eventually joined the Sokhan Music Institute in Tehran in September 2017 as a staff member.

Behdad and his family immigrated to the United States in late 2022 and is excited to be sharing his extensive knowledge of piano with his Imagine Arts students. He enjoys working with adults and children of all ages, drawing upon his own experience as a music student, a music teacher, and a father himself!

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