Atlanta’s Best Cello Lessons Taught In Your Home!

Boy playing cello

Perhaps one of the most emotionally moving, mysterious instruments of all is the cello. A vital member of the orchestra, the cello is used effectively in many different ways to evoke deep feeling the composer wishes to convey.

Over the past several decades the cello has become more prominent in other genres of music as well, including pop, movie/TV soundtracks and jazz. Students young and old alike are often mesmerized by the rich sound this instrument creates, and want to learn how to play it themselves.

The cello does not necessarily need to be played within the context of an ensemble, it is a wonderful solo instrument as well! Our instructors will help you learn how to play this beautiful instrument, not only teaching proper technique and theory but also working on real songs you’d like to play.  In-home and online lessons are available!

Contact us here to learn more – and not just about cello, but also about violin and viola, piano and flute as well!  We want to help you create!