Drawing Lessons

Atlanta’s Best Drawing Lessons, Taught In Your Home!

student painting at easel

We help students of all ages discover how they can express themselves through creating art. Learn drawing techniques using pencil or charcoal to bring to life what’s in your head! Our instructors create a curriculum based on your interests, offering foundations of perspective and technique to build from.

Students can work on several pieces at once, creating small new projects each week and/or working on longer-term projects. We know how important it is to focus on what each student aspires to create and achieve.

All our Visual Arts lessons are offered either one-on-one or in a small group, either in your home or online, all for the same flat tuition rate. We offer the option of taking lessons on a weekly basis, or if you prefer, on an ad-hoc basis within the context of our renewable 10-Lesson Package!

Contact us here to learn more – and not just about drawing, but about painting and small sculpture work as well!  We want to help you create!