Atlanta’s Best Sax Lessons Taught In Your Home!

saxophone boy

So many different types of sounds, and so many different types of music to be played by members of the saxophone family! The most popular of these are the alto and tenor saxes, although some folks prefer playing the soprano or baritone sax.

Despite these instruments usually being constructed of brass, they are considered woodwind instruments, as their sound is initially formed by creating a vibration on their reed. The saxophone can be heard in so many styles of music, including classical, rock, new age and of course jazz.

This is an instrument that can be enjoyed being played solo or can be useful as part of an ensemble of any sort. Younger students are encouraged to begin on the alto or soprano saxophone, as these are easier to manipulate for smaller individuals.

Whether you’re interested in learning saxophone for your own enjoyment or to supplement a school band experience, our instructors will take you where you aspire to go with your instrument, with lessons online or in your home!

Contact us here to learn more – and not just about sax, but also about trumpet, clarinet and flute as well!  We want to help you create!