Ukulele Lessons

Atlanta’s Best Ukulele Lessons, Taught In Your Home!

Boy playing Ukulele with teacher

So many people are asking for lessons on the ukulele! The uke is seeing a steady rise in popularity with its increasing presence in today’s pop music. Many younger students choose ukulele as a first instrument because it’s easy for small hands to play.

Other appealing aspects of learning the uke are its cost and portability.  A student ukulele costs around $50, and can be brought along practically anywhere a student wants to play.  You may find yourself treated to live music being played around the house and in your car, as well!  Go ahead and sing along, it’s all good.

In addition to teaching students how to read music and play their instrument correctly, our teachers teach real songs to them very early on. Strumming and finger picking styles are both taught to each student, enabling them to play several different styles of music. All of our instructors know how to make the experience a fun and productive one, whether it’s in person or online!

Contact us here to learn more – and not just about ukelele, but also about piano, guitar, drums, violin and more!  We want to help you make music!