Violin and Viola Lessons

Atlanta’s Best Violin Lessons, Taught In Your Home!

Violin student and teacher

The violin and viola are such beautiful and wonderfully versatile instruments!  Able to create music in so many different genres, these instruments provide an important voice in classical music and in other styles as well. There’s much more to the violin and viola lessons than just learning lesson book songs, there’s real music to be made!

Our string teachers will not only help you learn how to read music and use proper technique, they’ll teach you how to play music you really want to play.  We know every student is unique, having their own interests and musical aspirations. Our enthusiastic instructors will ensure the journey is both an enjoyable and productive one, teaching how to play real songs, not just lesson book music.

The Imagine Arts string team also has a good degree of experience performing and recording their music. Why not learn from true musicians who love their instruments and teaching others how to play them?

Contact us here to learn more – and not just about violin and viola, but about piano, guitar, cello and more!  We’re ready to get started when you are!